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Sanding Ovations Announces Music Lineup, VIP Tent Access, Info

"Sanding Ovations" seems to be an event or festival that has announced details about its music lineup, VIP tent access, and other information. Such announcements are common for events and festivals to provide attendees with information about what to expect, including the musical performers, access to special VIP areas, and other relevant details.

Dec 14, 2023
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This year’s music lineup has something for everyone. Headliners for the main weekend will feature the funky music of George Porter Jr and Runnin’ Pardners, The Landsharks Band, a Jimmy Buffet tribute band, the reggae-style sound of Seranation, and the harmonic sound of Sorelle

l ocal favorites The Black Honkeys Band and Crossfire Creek will also take the stage. There will be other performances by Kid Royal Band, Sarasota Slim, Motel Funk, Coastal Collective, and Alex Whalen. DJ Johnny G will get the music started each day. The encore weekend will feature School of Rock – St. Pete, Applebutter Express, Charlie Morris Band. Doug Smith, Cornfused, The Beach Rats, Jerry Outlaw Group and Dead Set.

The price increases to $100 for V.I.P. access on Saturday, Nov. 18. Those wanting to jam out all three days can buy a 3-Day V.I.P. Pass for $150

The city’s new Smoking and Vaping Ban will be in effect during this year’s Sanding Ovations. Guests are reminded that there is no smoking or vaping on the beach sand or Beach Trail. Those wishing to smoke or vape can do so in city parking lots or in designated areas set up by each hotel.

Guests to the event are also reminded that no dogs or pets are allowed on the beach. Pets are allowed on the Beach Trail. There is also no glass allowed on the beach. This is for the safety of everyone, including beachgoers.

Ensure Safety: Prohibiting dogs or pets on the beach helps prevent potential conflicts between animals, beachgoers, and wildlife. It also reduces the risk of incidents or accidents involving pets. Maintain Cleanliness: Allowing pets on the beach can lead to waste and litter issues. By restricting pets from the beach, it helps keep the area clean and pleasant for everyone.

Protect Wildlife: Many coastal areas have sensitive wildlife habitats. Allowing dogs on the beach can disrupt these ecosystems and harm local wildlife. Prevent Glass Hazards: Glass on the beach can pose a safety hazard, as broken glass can cause injuries to beachgoers and be harmful to the environment. Restricting glass containers helps avoid these risks.

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