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Thinking about going bare? What to know before you cancel your property insurance

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C anceling your property insurance, also known as "going bare," is a significant decision that should not be taken lightly. Property insurance provides essential coverage and financial protection in case of unforeseen events, such as natural disasters, accidents, theft, or liability claims. Before you consider canceling your property insurance, here are some important factors to consider: Legal Requirements: In many places, property insurance is legally required. Mortgage lenders often require homeowners to maintain insurance until the mortgage is paid off. Even if you own your property outright, local laws or homeowners' association rules may mandate insurance coverage

Canada’s Porter Airlines set to serve 5 Florida cities. Beer, wine, Wi-Fi come with fare

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Porter Airlines, a Canadian regional airline, expanding its service to five Florida cities is an interesting development. This expansion is likely driven by the airline's efforts to increase its reach and meet the demands of travelers to and from Florida. Here are some key points to consider regarding this expansion Overall, this expansion by Porter Airlines to serve multiple Florida cities with added amenities reflects their efforts to attract and retain customers in a competitive market. It also suggests a positive outlook for air travel between Canada and Florida, which may benefit both the airline and travelers looking for more options and comfort during their flights.

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Nonstop flights between major airports like Toronto Pearson and Tampa International provide a convenient and efficient travel option for passengers. This can reduce travel time and make the journey more comfortable. Daily Service: Offering daily service between the two cities is a significant commitment that caters to the regular travel needs of passengers. It provides flexibility in travel plans.
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Publix accused of employee wage theft in federal class-action lawsuit. What to know

Accusations of employee wage theft in a federal class-action lawsuit against Publix, a supermarket chain, are a serious matter. Wage theft refers to any situation where an employer fails to pay employees their rightful wages or benefits. Here's what you should know about such cases

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Resolution Options: In some cases, wage theft disputes are resolved through settlements rather than a full trial, with the company agreeing to pay back wages and potentially making changes to its wage and hour practices. It's essential to follow the legal proceedings in this case to see how it unfolds and whether any wrongdoing is established. Employees who believe they have been subject to wage theft or unfair labor practices should consult with legal professionals or labor agencies to understand their rights and options for seeking redress.

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