Grassroots organization got priced out of its home in Liberty City. Here’s what’s next

Florida State trustees approved that debt figure to overhaul Doak Campbell Stadium.


It's unfortunate when grassroots organizations get priced out of their homes due to rising costs and gentrification in their communities

w hat happens next for such organizations can vary depending on their resources, support, and objectives. Here are some common steps that grassroots organizations may consider taking when faced with this situation: Search for New Space: The organization may look for affordable alternative locations in their community. This could involve renting or purchasing a new space that aligns with their budget and needs.

Grassroots organizations can seek support from their community members, local businesses, or other organizations that share their goals and values. Fundraising efforts or partnerships may help secure a new space.

Legal and Financial Assistance: Seeking legal advice or financial assistance from legal aid organizations, foundations, or government agencies that support community development and affordable housing initiatives. Online Presence: Using online platforms and social media to maintain communication with their supporters and continue their work even while temporarily displaced. Collaboration: Exploring collaborations with other organizations that have similar goals to share resources and spaces.


It's important for grassroots organizations to continue their important work in their communities despite challenges like being priced out of their homes. By actively engaging with the community, seeking support, and being adaptable, they can often find ways to continue their mission and make a positive impact.


The passage you provided describes a poignant and emotional moment where someone named Fuller is faced with the challenging task of painting over a mural that pays homage to the Black Panther Party, DJ Uncle Al, and Nipsey Hussle.

As the beads of sweat roll down his forehead, Fuller has the unenviable task of painting over the mural made up of homages to the Black Panther Party, DJ Uncle Al and Nipsey Hussle that cover the facade of the Roots Blackhouse, the former home of the Roots Collective and several Liberty City organizations aimed at uplifting Black Miami. It’s a solemn moment, one written all over the face of Fuller who considers the place a beacon of hope.

Awareness and Advocacy

grassroots organizing can still be highly effective in bringing about social and political change. Grassroots organizing involves individuals and small groups working together at the community level to address specific issues or promote a particular cause. While the effectiveness of grassroots organizing may vary depending on the context and specific goals, it has been instrumental in achieving many positive changes throughout history. Here are some reasons why grassroots organizing continues to work

Grassroots movements can raise awareness about important issues and advocate for change, often by putting pressure on policymakers or institutions. Inclusivity: Grassroots organizing is typically inclusive and open to a wide range of participants, making it more representative of diverse voices and perspectives.

While grassroots organizing can be effective, it's important to recognize that success is not guaranteed, and it often requires dedication, strategic planning, and perseverance. Success may also depend on the specific issue, the level of community support, and the broader political and social context. Nevertheless, throughout history, grassroots organizing has played a crucial role in advancing civil rights, environmental causes, labor rights, and many other social and political movements.

Grassroots groups can hold institutions and leaders accountable, ensuring that they are responsive to the needs and demands of the community.

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