FLORIDA | 17 Broward co. sheriff's office employees facing federal fraud charges

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t he news that 17 Broward County Sheriff's Office employees are facing federal fraud charges is a significant development. Facing federal fraud charges is a serious matter that can have legal and professional consequences. Here are some key points to consider: Nature of the Charges: The specific details of the federal fraud charges, including the nature of the alleged fraud, the individuals involved, and the evidence presented, will play a crucial role in the legal proceedings

Broward Sheriff's Office Employee Arrested, Accused of COVID Fraud


A Broward Sheriff's Office detention technician has been arrested on several charges after authorities said she fraudulently applied for more than $35,000 in COVID-19 relief funds.Jada Ja’Nai Mozie, 28, was arrested Thursday on three counts of scheme to defraud a financial institution and two counts of uttering a forged instrument, BSO officials said.Investigators said that Mozie used an inflated income amount and false business information to apply for Paycheck Protection Program and Economic Injury Disaster loans last year. The programs are intended to help businesses suffering financial loss due to the COVID-19 crisis

FORT LAUDERDALE - Federal investigators, along with the Broward Sheriff's Office held a Thursday afternoon press conference to announce federal criminal fraud charges against 17 BSO employees

FORT LAUDERDALE - Federal investigators, along with the Broward Sheriff's Office held a Thursday afternoon press conference to announce federal criminal fraud charges against 17 BSO employees
"Collectively, the charges allege that 17 defendants participated in independent schemes to defraud the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and participating lenders by fraudulently applying for loans and other relief through the PPP and EIDL program.""Today's announcement regarding federal charges against more than a dozen Broward Sheriff's Office employees is the culmination of a BSO-initiated Office of Inspector General investigation. The investigation began in November 2021, after the BSO Office of Inspector General became aware of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) fraud as an emerging trend within public service agencies," said BSO Sheriff Gregory Tony. "Shortly thereafter, the BSO Public Corruption Unit received a tip from a BSO employee that several employees may have committed PPP fraud. After being notified that BSO personnel may have participated in fraudulent schemes to defraud the federal government, I ordered an agency-wide investigation of all 5,600 employees - from top to bottom."

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