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A century after her birth, opera great maria callas is honored with a new museum in greece

Maria Callas, one of the most celebrated and influential opera singers of the 20th century, continues to be remembered and honored for her exceptional contributions to the world of opera. The opening of a museum in her honor in Greece, a century after her birth, is a testament to her enduring legacy

Dec 14, 2023
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The Maria Callas Museum, or a similar institution dedicated to her life and career, would likely serve as a valuable resource for opera enthusiasts and those interested in the arts. Such a museum would likely showcase various aspects of her life, including her performances, recordings, personal artifacts, and the impact she had on the world of opera.

m aria Callas, born on December 2, 1923, in New York City and of Greek heritage, was renowned for her powerful and emotionally charged vocal performances. She remains an iconic figure in the world of opera, and the museum serves as a fitting tribute to her enduring influence and artistry.

Finishing her class at The Juilliard School of the arts in New York, Greek opera great Maria Callas gave her students a final word of advice.

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The March 1972 speech was a detail little known to her admiring public, along with letters, jewellery and countless honors that include a postage stamp series from Kyrgyzstan and Congo. Now they are on display. The City of Athens inaugurated the Maria Callas Museum in the center of the Greek capital Wednesday, marking a century since the birth to Greek parents of the legendary soprano in New York.

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