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See who the Hurricanes’ ACC opponents will be through 2030 in new conference schedule

Conference schedules for sports teams can change over time, and you would need to check the official website of the team or the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) for the most up-to-date information regarding the Hurricanes' ACC opponents through 2030. Sports schedules are typically announced and updated by the respective teams and conferences closer to the actual seasons.

Dec 14, 2023
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With the Atlantic Coast Conference adding Cal, SMU and Stanford next year, the conference had to change its scheduling model to fit 17 teams from 2024 through 2030.

t he new format will continue to have teams play eight ACC games per season, with all 17 teams playing each other at least twice over the next seven years — once at home and once on the road. Miami and the other 13 current ACC teams will play in California three times each in the seven years. No team will have to travel to California in back-to-back seasons, the league announced. It's important to note that discussions around book bans often revolve around questions of censorship, intellectual freedom, and the rights of educators and students to access diverse and challenging materials. These debates can be highly polarized, with different stakeholders holding strong opinions on the subject.

UM Football Gets Revamped List of Opponents Under New ACC Schedule Model

With the 2023 football schedule still just over two months away from kicking off, the Miami Hurricanes are learning their upcoming schedules will look a whole lot different. The Atlantic Coast Conference announced Tuesday the new '3-5-5' schedule model, allowing each team to play three other teams every season and five teams each for two seasons with games being split between home and away.

The '3-5-5' schedule model for the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) will indeed bring some changes to the Miami Hurricanes' football schedule. Under this model, each ACC football team will play three other ACC teams every season and five other ACC teams for two seasons, with games being split between home and away.

The specific teams that the Hurricanes will play in this rotation would depend on the ACC's scheduling decisions, which may vary from year to year. The scheduling details for each season should be available on the official ACC website or the Miami Hurricanes' official athletics website closer to the respective seasons. It's a new scheduling approach designed to create more variety in opponents and maintain competitive balance within the conference.

Under the new model, the 'Canes will continue to play in-state rival Florida State each season along with Boston College and Louisville.

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