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Search for suspect in fatal shooting of Maryland judge continues for a fourth day

The search for a suspect in the fatal shooting of a Maryland judge continues for a fourth day. This is a significant law enforcement operation that aims to locate and apprehend the individual responsible for the tragic shooting. Details about the ongoing search and any leads in the investigation are crucial to understanding the progress in this case and the efforts to bring the perpetrator to justice.

Dec 14, 2023
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Suspect in fatal shooting of judge has been found dead, sheriff’s office says

a man suspected in the fatal shooting of a Maryland judge has been found dead, officials announced Thursday. The suspect, Pedro Argote, shot and killed Washington County Circuit Judge Andrew Wilkinson on October 19, hours after the judge ruled against him in a child custody case, authorities said.

Maryland judge shot, killed outside Hagerstown home in targeted attack; manhunt for gunman continues

The shooting and killing of a Maryland judge outside their home in a targeted attack is a tragic and concerning event. It underscores the importance of safety and security for those in the legal profession and highlights the need for swift and thorough investigations into such cases. The ongoing manhunt for the gunman is a crucial effort to bring the perpetrator to justice and ensure the safety of the community.

The information provided highlights the circumstances surrounding the tragic shooting of Judge Wilkinson in Maryland. It appears that Judge Wilkinson had been involved in a divorce hearing earlier in the day, during which child custody was granted to Argote's partner. The fact that he was shot in his own driveway, with his family at home, adds to the tragedy of the situation. The shooting occurred in Hagerstown, Maryland, and Judge Wilkinson was later pronounced dead at a medical facility.

Investigations into the incident will likely continue to determine the motive and identify the perpetrator responsible for this tragic act. Such events have a significant impact on the legal community and the local community at large.

Wilkinson’s death spurred a wave of heightened security for judges throughout the county. “Out of precautionary reasons, last night troopers were deployed to protect judges residing in Washington County,” Maryland State Police said Friday.

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