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Music Review: K-pop group SEVENTEEN find nirvana on new mini-album ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN’

SEVENTEEN is a popular South Korean boy band known for their K-pop music. If they have released a new mini-album called 'SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN,' it's likely to have generated a lot of interest among their fans and the K-pop community. Music reviews can be subjective, and opinions on an album can vary widely, but you can check music review websites, social media, and music publications for reviews and reactions to their latest release. These sources can provide insights into the album's quality, musical style, and impact on the K-pop scene.

Dec 14, 2023
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SEVENTEEN release soul-funk track ‘God of Music’ from their 11th mini album SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, watch video

s EVENTEEN dropped their 11th mini album SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN on October 23, 2023. The highly anticipated album has set a record as the most pre-ordered album in K-pop history with 5.2M+ copies ordered before release. Titled after a playful twist on the expression ‘Seventh Heaven’ meaning a state of extreme happiness, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN is a joyous celebration of the band’s journey thus far. Its official release was accompanied by the music video for the lead single 'God of Music,' a cheerful soul funk track embellished with sounds of synths and brass.

SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN scores 5 million sales in the first week of release on Hanteo chart!

It's impressive to hear that SEVENTEEN's 11th mini album, 'SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN,' has been a record-breaking success. Selling over 5 million copies in a week on the Hanteo chart is a significant achievement and demonstrates the group's immense popularity and the strong support of their fanbase, known as Carats.

SEVENTEEN has been a prominent and influential group in the K-pop industry, known for their talented members, intricate choreography, and catchy music. Their ability to consistently produce successful albums and captivate a global audience speaks to their dedication and artistry. Their achievement in album sales showcases their strong presence in the music industry, and it's likely that their fans are excited about this milestone.

SEVENTEEN's achievement of surpassing 5 million album sales within a week on the Hanteo chart is truly remarkable and a testament to their immense popularity and the dedication of their fanbase. Releasing 'SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN' on October 23 and selling 5,091,887 copies within the first week is a significant milestone in their career. This accomplishment highlights the group's consistent success and their ability to resonate with a wide audience, both in South Korea and internationally.

SEVENTEEN's record-breaking achievement reflects their strong position in the K-pop industry and their ability to maintain a dedicated and supportive fanbase. It's a remarkable accomplishment that further solidifies their status as one of the leading groups in the genre.

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